Cebu, Philippines

November 20-27, 2016

Addison Teng brought four members of his studio to Cebu from Chicago to teach and perform.

They helped Mr. Teng lead violin workshops, group classes, and individual lessons November 23 for Filipino students from different orchestras and music studios in Cebu.

The next three days,  his students performed each day for various types of audiences. First, on November 24, Teng's female students performed the Bruch, Wienawski, and Barber violin concertos for the 3,000 girls at Sisters of Mary Girlstown school in Talisay.

On November 25, Teng and all his students performed as the Addison Teng Virtuosi with Sinfonia Orchestra Academy at the University of Southern Philippines in Lahug. They played the Bach Concerto for Two Violins and Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins. In the audience were a mix of friends and supporters of Sistemang Pilipino, Cebu's community music organization, as well as students from the November 23 workshops.

Finally, on November 26, the Teng-Hauer Duo performed at  the restaurant Circa 1900 as a fundraiser for Sistemang Philipino.

It was a great cultural experience for the students and now they have friends half way across the world.

Sincere gratitude to Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Sistemang Pilipino, Circa 1900, and D + B Wines for sponsoring us on this journey!

Photo Credits: Patricia Messina and Kuya Oyo



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